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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Industry

27 June 2020

Many people are just beginning to appreciate the potential for artificial intelligence. The latest innovations and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics are changing every industry. Here are a few industries where there is a potential for AI:

Medical Professionals

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Industry

Biomedical, biotechnology, radiology, medical transcription, and audiology are just a few of the medical professions that will most likely see the technological advances in artificial intelligence. The medical profession will see a new era in patient care and improved medical treatment.

Medical professionals have already experienced the benefits of artificial intelligence. With simple video capture, the Leap Motion can give an experienced medical professional sense of presence without actually touching the patient's body. As this type of technology progresses more systems will be created to integrate these types of "hands-free" technologies.

Security Industry

The security industry has long benefited from the advancements in artificial intelligence in robotics and computers. Soon, smart security cameras, motion sensors, and wireless communication devices will give the security industry a new level of security awareness.

By combining these technologies with state of the art digital software the next frontier in industrial areas will be achieved. The speed and sophistication of the software will help many industries increase efficiency. Even smaller businesses are now beginning to benefit from the software and new technologies.

Industry and municipal leaders are working together to bring more innovations and technology to the security system. A common framework of integrated solutions, that will allow for all levels of the security industry to benefit from the advancements in security systems and technologies, is being developed.

Artificial intelligence is becoming popular and emerging

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Industry

Industries that rely on computerized systems, human judgment, and human touch are now experiencing the benefits of artificial intelligence. The new developments in technology will take the industry by storm. Industries like that could be future powerhouses.AI is only going to go one further , and it is only going to get longer on the road to become the next big thing in robotics and technology. The future of robotics, computers, and artificial intelligence has not yet been written.

The current advancements in technology and the increasing speed of advances in the field of AI have brought about intelligent storage. The natural evolution of this technology is to build smarter storage in the future.

For example, imagine if all the world's digital books were stored within a network. One day, all the humans on the planet would be able to view a digital copy of the digital books. This is a concept that the next generations are already working towards.

Digital libraries will store millions of books. These digital libraries will be kept as they are on DVD's or CDs. The devices used to access digital libraries will be accessible anywhere.

At any given time, anyone in the world can have access to a digital library, no matter where they are located. Even the government will benefit from this development, as all public records will be contained within the digital library.