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Monitoring Systems and Other Technologies Use For Monitoring

06 June 2020

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, refers to the development of computers and artificially intelligent machines that perform certain tasks and become self-sufficient in performing their jobs. While it is difficult to imagine what AI will be, there are several areas of study on artificial intelligence . This article looks at a few of these areas.

Artificial Intelligence Security Technology

Monitoring Systems and Other Technologies Use For Monitoring

Security is one of the most obvious areas for advancements in technology. Computers can be designed with features to thwart unauthorized access to data. They can be integrated with anti-virus software to block viruses and malware. Their ability to analyze a series of images ( a form of machine vision) can help identify faces in surveillance videos.

What's next? One great idea for utilizing artificial intelligence in the security industry is software that is capable of identifying objects of interest to humans using a combination of facial recognition, images, and deep learning algorithms. The security system would only activate when an object of interest is identified and the appropriate alerts could be sent out by a user. When an alert is triggered, a human operator would be able to determine the area in need of protection, send a message to the operators, and deploy protective barriers.

Many companies use human intervention to monitor networks of wireless networks for potential breaches. If a breach does occur, it can cause significant damage, both to the company and its personnel. Given the ability to use a facial recognition feature, the company could send out a message to all employees. This message could be relayed through emails, text messages, and voicemail, and further instructions would be sent via voice commands.

Artificial intelligence loopholes

Monitoring Systems and Other Technologies Use For Monitoring

The main reason why companies employ human intervention is to stop an immediate threat. However, in the future, AI software could also prevent a breach by preventing access to information if the authentication process cannot be completed. Furthermore, when a password is an input, if a third party accesses the network, the software can still return the password. Parabolic Surveillance Systems (PWS) provides a unique level of monitoring that has been utilized in the US Air Force and elsewhere.

PWS can be used for security, law enforcement, and industrial purposes. By combining high-altitude parabolic, or heat, and microwave sensors, PWS is able to gather data from the air surrounding the equipment being monitored. With an advanced processing module, data can be stored and analyzed to see the details of what the user is looking at. Because the image taken is so large, they can still be viewed even in the presence of low light or in an overhead view.

However, as with all military devices, PWS has a weakness. Since the system is designed to collect data, many sensitive images may be captured during the operation. If the PWS operator comes into contact with a confidential document, the results could be disastrous.

For example, say an industrial firm is working with a government agency to manufacture steel parts. If the steel gets a stamp, a PWS may be able to capture images of the scene during the operation. It could show a criminal that the firm is conducting business in an unsecured location.

Other application areas of artificial intelligence

Monitoring Systems and Other Technologies Use For Monitoring

Another application of Artificial Intelligence is the creation of data tracking. Although there are many software applications for this, "Finger-Traps" is one that has been successfully employed. This software tracks which employees visit which websites. In addition, it will report if a person engages in social networking, advertising, or other activities that could be "patterned" to avoid.

Another application of Artificial Intelligence is the creation of tools that can be used in the field. Once the security system's features are designed, sensors are attached to items of value. If anyone wants to gain access to an item, it can be identified and a signal sent to alert the management. The future is definitely being tested. How will we get out of this phase? When will we have that perfect experience and finally get a successful experience?

The uses of AI, as well as Intelligent Storage, are just two areas that are still being studied. Consider these fields of study when you contemplate what technologies will be available to you in your lifetime.