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What is Artificial Intelligence?

20 June 2020

In today's environment, the possibility of the human race suffering from a sudden disaster is more real than we could have ever imagined. From an economic and social perspective, there are many elements that put the human race in jeopardy. With each element of society causing immeasurable damage to humanity, the whole system is bound to collapse sooner or later. The consequences for those responsible for this fall out will not be limited to mere damage to lives.

Reasons for the emergence of artificial intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Unless the human race takes steps to protect itself against one of these calamities, there will be no end to the destruction and misery. Whether they originate from natural or manmade sources, the effects of manmade disasters are only getting worse. When the scale of destruction is compared to natural catastrophes, it's evident that the former is beyond comprehension. Even the most advanced technology and the greatest technical know-how are unable to hold back the tide of destruction.

When something is as old as technology, it should not be surprising that we've stumbled upon the best means of defense we could possibly have Artificial Intelligence. Although the term may sound very technical, this type of technology has a lot to do with scientific advancements in recent decades. In this article, we'll explore the technology behind this topic.

Of course, the term Artificial Intelligence might sound a little intimidating, but it really isn't that difficult to understand. If you take the concept of logic, for example, you can think of it as if it were a single thread, connecting all the elements of reality. If a problem arises, the human mind has the capability to analyze that problem and act accordingly.

In the same way, this technology uses logic to connect all the elements of reality, leading to what's called a High-Altitude Parabolic Micro Sensor Array. It acts like a giant telescope in the sky that picks up everything from bird droppings to human voices to seismic activity to the humidity in the air and more.

This is just one of the many industries where technology is used. There are many industries that can benefit from this technology, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, energy, and transportation.

For instance, all-natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods can be stopped, even in the case of large-scale destruction. Smart storage systems allow researchers to study the devastation and figure out how to better control future natural disasters . The same is true for the security and defense industries.

Technology used in many countries

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Intelligent storage systems are also used by many defense sectors because they're used in the military and the medical industry, which requires the monitoring of areas outside of our control. Most of these high-altitude systems can be easily integrated into devices such as cell phones, GPS devices, and cameras so that they can collect data and alert us when something begins to happen. When something does start to happen, we can immediately act accordingly.

In addition to helping people that are directly affected by disasters, smart storage systems can also make lives easier for those whose jobs rely on other people. For example, airline crews use them to collect weather data and a lot of things that go into making their flights safe. Depending on the size of the aircraft, different industries will use different forms of this technology, so it's good to learn about each type of device to get a better idea of ​​what they do.

A smart storage system can collect temperature, wind, and humidity readings which can help inform air traffic controllers of exactly where a plane needs to be for takeoff. Airline pilots can also receive alerts via cellular phone, so they can be notified before a large storm hits.

Furthermore, the computer systems that make up the intelligent storage system aren't much different from a small satellite. Because of this, they won't only warn of what's going on in the immediate area, but will also send out a warning message to anyone within 100 miles of the area.

Artificial Intelligence is a very important subject and should be treated with a lot of respect. While there is no way to completely predict the future, we can take steps in protecting ourselves. Advanced technologies, such as smart storage systems, and work to prevent a number of potential disasters from happening.