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Develop problem-solving AI

01 April 2020

More than 20 Japanese companies jointly develop artificial intelligence for medical and manufacturing

"Nihon Keizai Shimbun" reported on August 22 that more than 20 Japanese companies and research institutions such as Toyota, NEC, and the Japan Institute of Physics and Chemistry will jointly develop artificial intelligence (AI) for medical treatment and manufacturing in the form of industry-government-academic cooperation. ). A research base will be established in Tokyo to develop common basic technologies that can be used proficiently in various settings by various institutions. In the application of artificial intelligence, Google in the United States and other countries have invested hundreds of billions of yen, and are expanding into new markets. Japan will also use extensive cooperation to enhance its technical strength to solve problems such as aging and low production efficiency.

Develop problem-solving AI

Combining companies

The Research Center for Innovative Intelligence Integration under the RIKEN will open an artificial intelligence research base near Tokyo Station on September 1. Researchers from Toyota, NEC, Sony Computer Science Research Institute (Sony CSL), NTT, and Preferred Networks, an artificial intelligence development startup, will also enter the research base.

The duration of cooperation is 10 years. First, the Japanese government's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, which manages the Institute of Chemistry, is expected to include 10 billion yen in related funds in the Japanese government's 2017 budget estimate. In addition, companies are expected to bear the costs in the hundreds of millions of yen.

Improve medical efficiency

Now mainstream artificial intelligence needs to be based on huge data, and the above-mentioned team will develop basic technology that can find the best answer that humans don't notice depending on the purpose, although the data is limited. These technologies will be used by various institutions to develop problem-solving artificial intelligence for areas such as strengthening manufacturing, improving medical efficiency, and managing old infrastructure.

Develop problem-solving AI

Toyota and NEC will cooperate with the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, focusing on areas such as product manufacturing and infrastructure management.

The artificial intelligence used in the first line of product manufacturing can use sensor data installed on various equipment in the factory to discover the precursors of failures that are also difficult for skilled workers to predict. The production line will also completely eliminate waste and increase the plant's operating rate.

Sony Computer Science will develop a system that can recommend treatments that doctors don't notice. The patient's symptoms will be analyzed in detail using an electronic medical record, and a treatment method suitable for everyone will be proposed to suppress the increase in medical expenses.

Research results progress rapidly

In the future, we will also join universities such as the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University to attend universities, and the number of participating institutions will continue to increase. The research results will gradually be put into practical use in the front line after 2-3 years.

The Japanese government has positioned artificial intelligence as the backbone of Japan's growth strategy. A policy is proposed to solve the problems of Japan's population decline and shortage of skilled personnel through effective use of it.