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Intelligent Storage System

The self-developed video recording storage and retrieval system is a new-generation video structured product based on event structure.
Intelligent Storage System


The system performs event-based video structured processing on features such as faces and people in the real-time video stream of the access camera. Once the system detects related events such as faces and people, it will start saving video. The end point of video saving is that the system lasts for a period of time (default 30 seconds, can be set). No events such as faces and people are detected.

Video, face / person query

By saving the correspondence between faces / persons and stored videos, you can quickly perform video queries. Query face / person pictures based on face / person similarity. Users can upload face / person photo queries. While querying corresponding videos, they can also query their personnel trajectories.

Advanced technology

Use AI technology to perform event-based video structured processing on the camera's real-time video stream.Establish the corresponding relationship between face / person and video to achieve fast video retrieval and improve efficiency.

Mining video data

The human trajectory is analyzed in massive video data to quickly identify the positioning target and mine its behavior trajectory. Greatly save video storage space By optimizing the video storage process through video structure, you can greatly save the physical space of video storage and save costs.

City Analysis Management

Video intelligent storage and search system is a self-developed video recording storage and retrieval system, which is a new generation of video structured products based on event structure. By configuring a deep learning algorithm in the video surveillance management system, optimizing the video storage process, and structured storage of the video according to the found events, establishing a corresponding retrieval relationship between the corresponding event and the corresponding video storage, not only can save the physical space of the video storage , Reduce costs, can also quickly locate the specific time and scope of video recording through events during video retrieval, greatly saving the time to retrieve and review the video, and improve efficiency.
City Analysis Management

Illegal parking

Realize detection and evidence collection of illegal motor vehicles and non-motorized vehicles parked in prohibited areas on both sides of urban roads, and set the allowable parking time in the monitoring area. When a vehicle stops in the area for more than a preset time, the system obtains evidence through identification Early warning.

Illegal dumping

Realize automatic capture of evidence of illegal dumping of garbage and responsible parties, mainly including the identification and abnormal warning of large earthmoving vehicles and slag vehicles or identification and tracking of garbage vehicles.

Rapid response deployment

The smart city management system software layer can complete one-click deployment to adapt to different environments. Smart city management can assist law enforcement agencies in responding quickly to events in the surveillance area, reducing public complaints


Smart city management will intelligently analyze the surveillance video information to automatically identify the specific situation of urban management issues. You can also use the video analysis and alarm system to dock with public security and traffic police platforms to quickly coordinate illegal actions.


It is widely used in the fields of finance and other fields of intelligent auditing and intelligent verification, and uses deep learning technology to effectively improve the text recognition rate. Intelligent auditing has an accuracy rate of over 99% in certain scenarios, is low-cost, and supports rapid deployment modes of online services and offline microservices.

Certificate review

Through the document audit, the authentic information of the visiting users is authenticated, so as to provide more secure and advanced services; the uploaded documents are quickly and accurately identified, and the cost of manual review and entry is reduced.

Content audit supervision

Automatically identify text content in pictures and videos, promptly send non-compliant content such as sensitive and malicious advertisements to avoid business risks; identify content in pictures and documents to quickly determine whether there is business risk.

File Archive Entry

It is convenient, fast, and saves labor costs to solve the problem of identification and entry systems for various industries, such as various theaters, banks, government departments, and the medical industry. It also solves the problem of identification and storage of various industries and improves efficiency.


The Smart Campus uses an original educational information platform to integrate a big data analysis and decision-making platform, and embeds AI super-brain intelligent algorithms to assist in educational management decision-making and early-warning education abnormal data to ensure platform security and stability.

Rich Industry Application

Rich industry application + massive algorithm model library, support training optimization, with data statistics and prediction capabilities, can be displayed through comprehensive data such as GIS, 3D, mobile phones, large screens. Most of the data has been processed on the side, the network data volume is small, and the latency is low

Data Analysis

It can meet the high-performance, low-latency requirements in complex scenarios of the edge domain, and implement functions such as event recognition and collaborative control. Support the use of the latest artificial intelligence technology to empower customers' existing video surveillance and information management systems. Intelligent edge gateway + AI computing power support of multiple specifications and architectures, automatically push efficient AI models, perform algorithmic reasoning and complete data analysis

Integrated AI Platform

Provide an integrated AI platform architecture to achieve intelligent computing infrastructure management, algorithm model library management, IoT device management, and big data analysis and display, and use cloud-side collaborative methods to integrate information with edge intelligent all-in-one machines


Smart and safe factories use advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data to deeply integrate with safety production operations, use information technology to innovate safety supervision and monitoring methods, and build a comprehensive smart and safe factory management platform covering enterprises and safety supervision departments at all levels to improve The standardization, scientific and intelligent level of safety supervision work, on the one hand, provides decision-making basis for enterprise safety production management, effectively prevents and reduces accidents; on the other hand, it provides the government to implement hierarchical dynamic supervision and organize targeted special governance. Decision support.

Rich Industry Application

For the surveillance area of ​​each camera, designate a designated key area, and if necessary, only alert people, cars, and objects that enter the key area. Identify and alert people or things (animals) entering important areas, or identify and alert only people. Count the time of all people entering the area. If the stay time in the designated area exceeds a preset threshold, an alarm event will be generated. It can also be used for on / off monitoring and time statistics of important positions.

Face detection

Faces in the surveillance area of ​​the camera can be detected, compared with the background to confirm their identity, and the unknown faces after comparison are sent to the background management staff for identity verification. , Unknown, VIP, blacklisted users, etc. for classification and display.

Suspicious person trajectory analysis

Recognize and alert suspicious persons based on features such as face, clothes, body shape, etc. Based on ReID cross-border tracking, the same person can be locked in different camera monitoring areas, and suspicious persons can be located in real time and tracked.

Item identification

Real-time identification and detection of workers wearing hard hats, gloves, etc., alerting of dangerous behaviors without wearing hard hats, gloves, etc., and pushing the alarm information to relevant management personnel to assist managers in safety production management.


In order to solve the common problem of high-altitude parabolic management in residential residential areas, the high-altitude parabolic video monitoring solution in Haisai District uses artificial intelligence and big data technology to build a fully digital high-definition video monitoring system, which can real-time the facade of residential buildings. Monitoring and analysis to form a unified monitoring network to realize real-time discovery and key supervision of parabolic events in the building. By focusing on propaganda of civilized behavior and supplemented by monitoring and management, it can effectively stop the uncivilized behavior of high-altitude parabolic, and can also quickly identify evidence and investigate the legal behavior of relevant personnel after the parabolic incident.

Aerial Camera

The aerial camera is used for outdoor installation, facing the floor to be monitored. The camera configuration, installation points and installation methods meet the requirements of the specification to ensure full coverage of the monitoring area, and to improve the cleanliness of the picture as much as possible to reduce false alarms.

All-in-one Machine

The artificial intelligence edge all-in-one machine is connected to each camera through a gigabit network to provide AI-based high-altitude parabolic recognition algorithms. The all-in-one machine calculates and analyzes the received video data and sends the main analysis results to the cloud through the 4G / 5G module Show, store.

Cloud Server

The cloud server provides monitoring storage and display services. Store related video files, and classify and archive video files based on attributes such as time and events. And push the relevant information to the mobile client of the relevant person.